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Testimonials From Our Students

I just wanted to take some time to express how much i enjoyed and benefitted from the IELTS Academic English Language coaching last year.You truly are a stand our trainer because of your pure dedication and personal interst in each and every student of yours. iwitnessed all that extra efforts that you took to make sure that my coaching was on the right track.

You kind guidance has helped me achive the best scores in academic IELTS in my very first attempt. (Overall band score 8, with minimum 7 in all bands). Thanks for helping me achieve score Regards

Dr Summit Dhall (Chiropractor)
From India

Many thanks to you for managing such a flexible and affordable IELTS preparation program. Thank you EnglishWise for providing me with detailed and personalized feedback. The practice papers allowed me to identify patterns in all aspects of the test, which was very helpful. Although the language itself didn't pose me much of a problem, it was the structure and ideas that I required professional guidance with, where you guys have done an amazing job at. Finally, thank you for all the moral support. I've received an overall 8 in IELTS which I did not think was achievable. I couldn't be more grateful. Warm Regards

Asha D'Cruz

I feel grateful for my trainer at EnglishWise who supported and helped in such an encouraging atmosphere at the institute. I am thankful that I conquered IELTS finally. I believe this institute has the most current IELTS material and the trainers were really quick in their response to my questions. My trainer picked on my weak points and taught me some great strategies to turn them into my strengths. The location is super convenient and the institute is open on Saturdays and Sundays which was a bonus for me and the unlimited hours concept reduced my stress and gave me the freedom to get trained whenever I wanted.


I simply want to say a BIG THANKYOU to my trainer at EnglishWise. She taught really good writing structure which helped me to pass my IELTS the very first time. Without any doubt, I would say that Trainers at EnglishWise are very helpful and supportive. My teacher helped me to solve my time issue in the Reading module of IELTS as well. One of my biggest problems was that I could not finish my reading on time. My teacher showed me some strategies and tricks to solve that problem and I DID IT. At the end I would say that teachers at EnglishWise provide personal attention while teaching and the environment is really quite and the institute is very comfortable.

Harwinder Singh
Band 7 achiever

I just wanted to thank you for your valuable tips for IELTS especially writing and reading. I got 8 bands overall with more than 7 in each component. It surely helped me to achieve the desired scores. Your training method was simply amazing and easy to get the hang of!! Once again thanks and good luck to all the rest of your students.


I am extremely thankful to you for your Writing and Speaking Tips. After 15 IELTS attempts, I have finally made it to 7 each in IELTS General Exam. Your training method is excellent and at the same time very simple. Writing notes are amazing which helped me to attain 7 bands!! I am a Permanent Resident of Australia now. I am so happy……

Vishal Sharma
Taxi driver

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you EnglishWise for your valuable guidance and an amazing style of teaching. I have successfully achieved 7.5 in the writing module which is unbelievable for me. The highest I ever scored in writing was 6.5, in the previous five attempts but kudos to your writing material and your teaching style that I easily got 7.5 in the second attempt. It was not luck by chance. I studied smart this time and you taught me how to do that. I could have get that in first attempt but I misunderstood the letter question which was a big mistake. However, I overcame and didn’t repeat that second time. Once again thank you very much EnglishWise.

Harpreet Singh
From India

I had appeared 30 times in the IELTS test since 2007 before I came to you. It was your inspiration along with your methods that gave me the skills to improve my IELTS score. It was EnglishWise who had given me this determination and hope that I will achieve the target by learning from my mistakes. There was an emmense support and guidance that I had received that I would recommend EnglishWise to all other students, He provides you right strategies and also training sessions at a reasonable price. I would like to say thank you for your help and preparation guidance that you have given

Arun Kumar
Payroll controller(Nationwide newspapers)

Biggest thanks to EnglishWise for supporting me for the IELTS preparation in last four months and I could make it possible due to Shivi’s best effort towards all areas wherever I needed. I got overall band 6.5 with reading score of 7.5 and it is only because of Shivi’s suggestion and easy way techniques that I could tackle the reading test. My IELTS result : L – 6.5, R – 7.5, W – 6, S - 6.5 I do not have any word to express my gratitude for Shivi because he helped me a lot. I am sure in the future he will help me to gain IELTS 7 band each. Thank you so much for everything you did for me.

Kiran Kumar Patel

In 30 days, the intense preparation I went through was completely satisfying. The results I got were completely impressive. This course improved my speaking overall. This improved my confidence levels as well. Along with all these add-ons I achieved my required band score (Band 7 overall) and secured my admission to the Ph.D. course in a university. The trainers at EnglishWise are deeply committed and they did go extra mile to make sure that I pass my IELTS with flying colours! Trainers at the institute are really friendly! Easy to approach and great atmosphere to study!

Yogita Dheer
Band 7 achiever

I was completely dissatisfied with my preparation and my band score when I approached EnglishWise. I just didn’t know what to do. Trainers at the institute gave me direction. The coaching I underwent changed my entire perspective about IELTS and English speaking skills as well. The writing strategies they teach are so easy to adapt and understand. With just 1 month of intensive coaching, I achieved a band score of 7 in writing. My results seriously amazed me!! The best thing I liked about the institute was that the trainers were all ready to put in extra hours to make sure that I achieve my score. Highly recommended!!

Lukhwindar Kaur
Band 7 achiever

I would like to thank EnglishWise for the valuable guidance and support as a result of which I could successfully pass my IELTS test. My first three attempts in IELTS were not satisfactory in writing although I had diligently self studied many relevant materials and undertook the coaching classes. After enroling the course at EnglishWise, I eventually scored 7 in writing and as well as 7 as an overall bandscore. I am very impressed by Shivi's professionalism and passion in his career. Shivi’s feedback on my work and responses to my enquiries were always prompt and effective. In correcting the given task, he did not only make correction to the content but also gave reasons and provided me with alternatives and suggested the proper usages in the comment section. All this benefitted me in extending the range of vocabulary and learning the variety of complex sentences. I recommend EnglishWise to you without any reservation. I wish him every success in his training career.

Pasang Tamang
From Nepal

It gives me immense pleasure to write about my IELTS results. It was only because of your help, support and guidance that I managed to crack IELTS. When I came to you, my scores were R 5.5, W 5.5, S 6.5, L 6.5, however, with your help I achieved R 7, L 7, S7 and W 6.5 Your training sessions helped me to become more aware of my weaknesses and your training also gave me tools to strengthen them. Your teaching helped me to understand how I could become more effective in writing and tackle my reading weaknesses. I received much needed confidence to reach good results in all of the test's skills. The knowledge I gained in your class is very important for my future challenges. That is why I do not want my improvement to stop and I would like to polish, even more, my language with your help. Thanks again for making English learning an enjoyable task.

Pooja Tacoor Sing
From Mauritius

Thank you for all your IELTS tips! It really did great wonders. At first I thought I would not get my desired band score (7 in each) at least not in the first go. When I did the exam, I felt it very hard. What I simply did during the exam was that I applied all the writing and reading strategies you taught me. To my surprise,I got these results in my very first go: Listening: 7.5 Speaking: 8 Reading: 7.5 Writing: 7 All the credit goes to you. I did the right thing by attending your classes. Your way of teaching is simple, understandable and you know exactly what is required in the IELTS exams. You are fantastic at your work. Your teachings have saved me from sitting IELTS again and again which would have led me to financial problems. I’m privileged to say that you were my IELTS trainer. THANKYOU for everything!!

Priya Joshi
From Kenya

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  • EnglishWise student Bhanu Priya scored 71 in PTE
  • EnglishWise student Kiran Patel scored 67 in PTE
  • EnglishWise student Yunita Pokharel scored B in OET
  • EnglishWise student Gunjan Patel scored B in OET
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