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PTE Listening: Fill In The Blanks

About The PTE Listening: Fill In The Blanks Section

One of the sections within the Listening component of the PTE exam is the Fill In The Blanks section. This section evaluates exam takers in both listening, reading and writing skills. This section requires the exam taker to have good spelling skills.

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In this section, a transcription (written version) of an audio clip is shown on your computer screen provided at the PTE test centre. You will get 7 seconds to read the transcription (written version) before the 30-60 second long audio clip plays exam takers will have to listen to the audio clip and fill in the blanks which are deliberately left in the transcription provided. Simply type the missing word, spelled correctly, in the blank gaps.

Strategies To Follow While You Complete The PTE Listening: Fill In The Blanks Section

  • The 7 seconds of preparation that you have with you right before the audio starts playing is what you should make the most use of.  Try to read the given transcription before the audio begins.
    Once the audio begins, pay attention to the audio and follow along with the transcription.  
  • Left clicking on a blank section will make the text box active and you will be able to fill in your answer.
  • While you quickly read the text, pay more attention to sentences where the blank sections are close to each other.  These sentences will be more difficult, as, while listening, you will have to carefully pay attention to more than one word in a sentence.
  • Keep your erasable whiteboard handy when you start listening to the audio clip as you might want to quickly write down the words which are missing in the transcription.
    When you come across parts with blanks, double your attention.
  • Make sure your entire focus is on the recording and there is nothing else in your mind apart from the position of the blanks that you have to fill.
  • After listening to the entire audio recording carefully, go back to your notes and fill in the answers into the blanks on your screen using your keyboard.
  • Check your answers carefully before you click ‘Submit’ or ‘Next’ as you can’t come back to this afterward.
  • Never leave the response blank as there is no negative marking for a wrong answer. There is always a chance that your guess of the word or spelling might be correct!

Things To Keep In Mind For The PTE Listening: Fill In The Blanks Section:

  • Capitalisation:
    The first letter of designations (Doctor, Professor, etc.), if the blank is right after the full stop, then the word filled will definitely start with a capital letter.
  • Pay attention to the audio:
    Be careful in listening to the audio as you will not be able to re-listen anything. Even a little distraction can cost you a credit.

Our Tip When Taking The PTE Listening: Fill In The Blanks Section Of The Exam

  • Try not to leave blanks.
  • If you are unsure about a possible answer, think about the tense of the sentence. Is it past tense (I did eat the donut), present tense (I’m eating the donut) or future tense (I will eat the donut)?
  • Remember that the entire sentence must make sense with the word you are
  • guessing. If still unsure, read it out aloud and listen to see if it makes sense.
  • You may use the tab button on your keyboard to move through the gaps. Keyboard shortcuts always save time.
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