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About EnglishWise

For every individual with an Australian Dream, EnglishWise provides hope and extraordinary learning experience across all the touch points of the students journey with us. We have created magical moments for thousands of international students over the last 5 years by transforming their lives from pain to joy. Our mission is to impact 700,000 international students in Australia by 2020

20,000+ Successful Students

80+ Professionals

Why EnglishWise

One-on-one coaching, individual attention
Free study materials
No enrolment fees
Study all day at our institute. It’s free to use!
*Guaranteed PTE score courses available
Unlimited contact hours
Assessment exam every weekend to monitor your progress
Online support
Customised timetable for your convenience
Access to classes even after you have undertaken test
Access to classes even after you have undertaken test
Weekend courses also available
“Shivi Bhalla is a leading authority for international students in Australia and is one of the most committed and fastest growing figures among international students in Australia. He has impacted more than 300,000 international students already through his determination and hard work and is on a mission to continue the journey via collaboration and innovation.”

Shivi Bhalla

Founder & CEO

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