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We are the premium provider of world-class PTE English proficiency test preparation and coaching. Our online PTE classes are flexible, personalised, and always available. We offer comprehensive online coaching that improves your test scores. With EnglishWise, you’ll be speaking and writing better English in no time.

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Our online PTE classes are designed to accelerate your progress by improving your confidence and giving you the skills and knowledge you need to pass the test. We make it easy for you to study anywhere, anytime on any device.

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EnglishWise Online class is a professional and affordable coaching program designed to amplify your chances of success. Our student tracker system, Advanced sessions, and strategy sessions are scientifically created to maximise your chances of passing the exam on the first try.

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You can get instant feedback and learn at your own pace with live discussions and weekly live sessions. And prepare for the exam with resources that include practice tests, tips, and tricks.

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With our AI-scored software,  you will know what areas to focus on for the best results for your upcoming PTE exam. Get better grades and improve your PTE score with the help of AI.

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  • One-on-one Coaching
  • 30 mock tests
  • AI-Scored Software
  • Customised study plan
  • Everyday classes
  • Live discussion
  • Student Tracking
  • Strategy sessions

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PTE Format


Duration – (27-35 minutes)

The speaking test begins with a 30-second introduction of the speaker. A compelling introduction can create a lasting impression. So we train you to deliver one. This section also involves reading out loud, repeating sentences, retelling a lecture, answering short questions, and such speaking tasks that check your command over the language. With our training, you master fluency, speak with confidence, and become well aware of pauses.



Duration – (30-43 minutes)

This portion of the Pearson Test of English requires you to demonstrate writing skills through various tests like describing an image, summarising, and writing an essay. We teach you proper grammar, sentence structure, flow, and attractive phrases to gain an edge over other students. With our frequent online mock tests and deep evaluation, you can improve your written score in the shortest period.


Duration – (29-30 minutes)

The purpose of this section is to assess your reading skills. The Reading part includes tasks like Multiple-choice questions (single & multiple answers), Rearranging paragraphs, fill in the blanks, etc. With our tailored approach, live sessions, and preparation resources, you will be one of the best readers around.



Duration – (30-43 minutes)

Listening is a key skill looked for in a candidate. The ability to observe and focus, as well as the ability to sense the correct answer in various audio tests, is what sets you apart. This section comes with tasks like Summary, fill in the blanks, select missing words & highlight accurate summary, listening to dictated words, etc. With our Experts’ pearls of wisdom, special tips and tricks, you are sure to ace this part.

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With our online portal, you can get your own customised study plan for the PTE exam. You will also have 24/7 access to personalised feedback from our qualified instructors. We’re here to help you succeed so you don’t have to worry about passing the exam!


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