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Online PTE Class

Online PTE Exam Preparation
with Live Classroom Coaching

With a detailed and structured study plan and live classes online, anyone around the world can access this course. Learn from the comforts of your home and clear PTE with flying colours.

How Does it Work?


Live online classes via zoom application


23+hours of live classes every week on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday


Get constant feedback after strategy classes every week on Wed, Fri & Sun


Give mock tests in EnglishWise online portal


Book the exam and get your desired score

What do you get in the course?


Test Papers


Mock Tests


Hours of live classes

Access to EnglishWise online portal

What other Students have to Say!

Watch how EnglishWise helped other students to get their score through online PTE course

Successful Students

Below are the scorecards of a few successful students from different countries
who got their desired score through online PTE classes

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PTE course work?

For the PTE Course at EnglishWise, you will attend the strategy classes and once finished with them you will be memorizing the templates provided by us. In the next step, you will have to go through an initial assessment of the provided software and a full test of all the four modules. After 24 hours of submission of the test, you will be provided with feedback on your performance.

After the analysis of your test, your study plan will be created, keeping in mind the areas of improvement. Depending on your performance so far, you will appear for mock tests. Usually, mock tests can be given at the end of every week to analyze the weekly performance. After a few mock tests, we can finalize the exam date.

How do I get an access to the classes? Which software do I have to download? How do I get the link?

For the online PTE course, you will be added to an official group of the students after which you need to download the software named ‘Zoom’. Before every session, the trainer will send a link to the group. You need to copy that link and paste it in the browser to access the class.

Can I cover all the strategy classes in two days or I need an entire week for it?

Yes you can. It depends on you totally, whether you can attend and finish all your classes in two days. In that case you will move to the lab and feedback sessions faster as compared to others. It is not compulsory to do it in weeks. 

How frequently will I get the link?

Till the time you are not finished with your classes, you will keep getting the link to attend them. Once done with the strategy classes, you will be transferred to feedback sessions and you will start receiving the link to join those sessions.

How many classes do I need to attend before sitting in the initial assessment?

We usually recommend couple of classes for each module especially if you are not confident with the strategies initially. Especially if you are enrolled in the unlimited course.

If you feel prepared with one class of each module and the templates provided in the classes, then you can sit in the initial assessment.

How does initial assessment work? What do I have to do in the initial assessment?

It’s a full test having all the four modules running for 3 hours. It will give you an exact picture of a real exam. You should be prepared well beforehand and appear for it. After you are done and submit, you will get the feedback after 24 hours.

When will my trainer provide me with the study plan?

After an initial assessment and feedback, the trainer will look into your areas of improvement and create a customized study plan for you in each module.

How does the study plan work? Where do I find it and what is the purpose of it?

A study plan will focus on your areas of improvement and tell you what needs to be practiced regularly. You will be informed about certain websites by the trainer where you can work on your weak areas and get your desired scores.

How do I access the resources?

You will be provided with the software where you login using your id and password. This software is as close to a real exam as possible and you will get feedback every time you are done with the test. Additionally, once enrolled, you will be added to a closed Facebook group where you will find real exam question files uploaded frequently which can be used for practice.

How do I get the feedback from the trainer?

You will be attending feedback sessions conducted either in the mornings or evenings, every following day after strategy class. You need to notify the trainer about your assessment done and you will be getting feedback on that. Based on the performance, the next task will be assigned to you.

How can I practice after hours when we do not have live class?

We would recommend you to plan your schedule and divide your assigned study plan into mornings, afternoons and evenings to practice rather than trying to do everything in one session as it might get you exhausted. So, it is better to make a schedule and do it on regular basis.

Do I have access to recorded lectures as well?

Yes, you will have access to recorded lectures. For that you need to request the trainer and send an email on and they will reply within 48 hours of your mail sent. The trainer will then share the link with you looking at your circumstances.

Are these classes going to be effective? Are there any testimonials?

These classes are very effective. There are testimonials of our students on the website which you can watch or read for your inference. These classes are run by expert and dedicated trainers.

What we have to do once finished with the classes?

Once finished with the classes you will be memorising the templates and be ready whenever you are coming next to give your initial assessment which means one full test and it will take nearly 3 hours to complete it.

When will I get the feedback on initial assessment?

Once finished with initial assessment, you will get your feedback after 24 hours of submission of your test.

When will I get the software id and password?

Once done with the classes and ready for the initial assessment, you will get the software id and password.

Are these templates effective to get 8 each?

All our successful students have worked on these templates with full effort and achieved their desired scores. So yes they are effective. Our trainers had faith on these templates from the beginning and right now they are in front of you.

How much time will take to get my desired scores?

It all depends on your practice and consistency. The time taken might directly relate to your desired score. For 7each, probably one month is fine. If you want to achieve 8 in each, it might extend to 1.5 to 2 months. You should ensure that you are consistent in your efforts and work according to the plan provided by your trainers.

How many hours should I study to get my desired score?

Probably 3-4 hours a day. Rest depends on your initial assessment and areas you need to work on. 

Which classes are more effective - physical or online?

It totally depends on what you are comfortable with. If you have the time and means to go for physical classes then you should go for them. However, online classes are more suited for those who are unable to travel every time or busy with something and cannot cope with the timetable of physical classes.