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Turn your dream of studying or working in an English-speaking country into a reality with our online PTE coaching in Auckland. If your proficiency in the English language is what stands between you and your dreams, let us experts bridge this gap with our expert online PTE classes.

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Your Dream PTE Score is a Few PTE Classes Away: PTE Course in Auckland

Is Auckland your dream study or work location? Do you meet all the eligibility criteria required to study or work in Auckland but are held back because you are not confident about meeting the language proficiency requirements? If yes, online PTE classes in Auckland are what you need to secure your slot in your dream university or company. Attaining native proficiency in a foreign language like English is no easy feat. Even if you have been conversing in English for years, cracking a PTE exam’s speaking, writing, listening and reading sections can be tough. But if you are serious about getting into a university in Auckland or finding a job there, you should not leave it to chance. You have to be prepared to crack the exam in one go and pass with flying colours, and that’s why PTE coaching in Auckland is a part of the preparatory regimen recommended by all.

A PTE score ranges from 10-90, and if you wish your application to stand out from the crowd, the more you score, the better. Getting a perfect score of 90 can be a surefire way to get into the university or company of your dreams. So, if you have set your target at 90 and now need expert help to achieve that target, sign up for our PTE course in Auckland or New Zealand. Our English language experts at EnglishWise will determine your proficiency level and curate a PTE course accordingly. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide the guidance you need to sit confidently through your PTE exam and talk/write/speak/read like a pro.

Online PTE Classes in Auckland

Do you wish to take English lessons from the best tutors, but daily commutes seem like a headache? If yes, it is time to enrol for our online PTE classes in Auckland. No matter your location, you can sign up for our classes and have our experts guide you towards that perfect PTE score. Whether you are planning to immigrate to Auckland or New Zealand for study or work purposes, you will have to showcase your ability to converse with the natives. And that’s where the PET test comes into the picture. This test aims to do away with the language barrier and make sure that anyone immigrating to their country is able to linguistically blend in and make a life for themselves.

We all know how tough it can be to survive in a foreign country if you cannot converse well with the natives. And that’s why language proficiency tests like PTE are key criteria for admission into foreign institutions. So, our online PTE coaching in Auckland won’t just focus on the surface knowledge required to pass the PTE exam but also take you through the intricacies of English and help you master the language.

We are a team of English language experts with a proven track record of delivering quality education. Our curriculum is a blend of theory and practice to help you understand the basics and apply them in real-life scenarios to ensure complete mastery of the language. We understand that learning a new language can be challenging, but you can make it less so with the right guidance. We deliver the guidance you need with our online PTE coaching in Auckland. Sign up for our PTE course in Auckland while sitting within the comforts of your home and attend your lessons from wherever you like.

Why Go For the PTE Coaching in Auckland?

If you are still dubious about whether to go for a PTE test or not, let us begin by bringing you some clarity regarding the same. There are several reasons why you should take the exam and score well in the same.

  • Many academic institutions, professional organisations, and employers worldwide recognise and accept PTE scores as proof of English language proficiency. By achieving a high score on the PTE exam, you can increase your chances of gaining admission to universities, colleges, and other educational programs and improve your employability in English-speaking countries.
  • The PTE exam provides quick results. You can typically receive your scores within a few days, allowing you to meet application deadlines or move forward with your career plans without delay.
  • PTE is conducted entirely on a computer, which offers several advantages. It ensures objective scoring, eliminates bias, and provides a standardised testing experience for all candidates.
  • The PTE exam assesses all four language skills—reading, writing, listening, and speaking—and comprehensively evaluates your English language proficiency. This can benefit individuals who want to gauge their overall language abilities or demonstrate their competency in all areas.
  • The PTE exam features real-life scenarios and authentic English language usage. The test questions and tasks are designed to reflect everyday situations, academic settings, and workplace environments, giving you a practical assessment of your language skills.

If the points seem favourable and you wish to take the exam, ensure you are well-prepared with our team at EnglishWise. With us, you achieve complete proficiency in reading, listening, writing and speaking and ace the exam.

Expertly Curated PTE Course in Auckland

Our comprehensive PTE course in Auckland covers the following areas:

  • Speaking: Developing speaking skills for various tasks such as answering questions, describing images, summarising spoken texts, and engaging in discussions.
  • Writing: Enhancing writing skills through essay writing, summarising written texts, and responding to prompts with appropriate grammar, vocabulary, and organisation.
  • Reading: Improving reading comprehension skills, including identifying main ideas, understanding supporting details, inferring meaning, and summarising information
  • Listening: Enhancing listening skills through practice with various audio recordings, including lectures, conversations, and interviews, and improving note-taking abilities.
  • Vocabulary: Expanding vocabulary knowledge and learning strategies to effectively use context clues, word families, collocations, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Grammar: Reviewing essential grammar rules and structures, identifying common errors, and using accurate grammar in spoken and written English.
  • Pronunciation: Focusing on correct pronunciation, stress, intonation, and fluency to ensure clarity and natural speech patterns.
  • Test Strategies: Learning effective techniques and strategies to manage time, approach different question types, and maximise scores in each section of the PTE Academic exam.
  • Practice Tests: Providing ample opportunities to practise with simulated PTE exam tests to understand the format, timing, and scoring criteria.
  • Feedback and Assessment: Personalised feedback to identify strengths and improvement areas and targeted practice sessions to address specific weaknesses.

From the initial consultation and the subsequent preparation to the day you satisfactorily sit through your PTE exam, our experts will sit with you and guide you at each step of the way. So, whether you are planning to sit for PTE in New Zealand, Auckland or any other country, connect with us at EnglishWise and prepare for your exam correctly and efficiently.

Connect with our team today to know more about our online PTE course in Auckland!

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What You Get At EnglishWise

ALL PTE preparation materials (included in the course at no extra cost)

PTE Booklet

Pte Real Exam Simulation Software

Monthly Prediction Files

5 Full Mock Tests Assessments Worth $200 (100% Free)

100+ hours of Coaching and Assessments

Unlimited Practice at Institute! Mon – Sun

Online PTE Practice software Access – 6 months

Personal and Private Feedback STRATEGIES + TECHNIQUES for All 4 PTE Modules

4 X 15 minutes Private Consultation with PTE Expert Assistance in booking PTE Exam

PROPER COMPUTER LAB FOR practicing Mock tests in Real exam environment

Advance & one on one feedback sessions in the lab included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, even if you have a good command of English, a PTE exam course can still be beneficial. Our PTE courses in Auckland provide targeted instruction on the specific skills and strategies required for the PTE exam. We can help you familiarise yourself with the exam format, timing, and scoring criteria, allowing you to improve your performance and achieve your desired scores.

Yes, we offer online PTE coaching in Auckland for your convenience. Our online courses provide flexibility in schedule and location, allowing you to study at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection.

A PTE exam course covers all sections of the exam, focusing on speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. It includes instruction on specific task types, grammar and vocabulary development, pronunciation practice, and test-taking strategies. The course may also include simulated practice tests to assess your progress.

The duration of a PTE course can vary depending on the program and the intensity of the study. We offer short-term intensive programs that last a few weeks and longer courses spanning several months. The course duration will also depend on your individual needs and proficiency level.

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tharanga silva
tharanga silva
12:09 02 May 23
My experience with englishwise is a great one. I did manage to get my desired score within few weeks time. My trainer... Himzy was very professional and her tricks worked really well to achieve my target score. I feel really comfortable to work with her and she responded to my quarries within second and that was the best thing about her. Even my wife wonder how much effect she put into her job and we never expected that kind of support when we join englishwise. The portal is regularly updated and has got all the tools you required to crack your PTE. Highly recommended this more
11:04 05 Apr 23
I got my desired score on the first attempt. I had no idea about PTE before as it was my first time. I'm very grateful... to English Wise and especially my tutor Sarah. I recommend everyone to join English wise to achieve your goal. I took 20 hrs private classes with trainer Sarah. She is very professional and guides you thoroughly. She is very supportive and she delivered very practical and useful learning sessions. Her constructive feedback and teaching techniques and strategies helped me to improve on my weakness. The course material and resources from English wise are very helpful to achieve the desired score. Highly recommended!!read more
Safa Moeed
Safa Moeed
00:02 01 Apr 23
I prepared for my PTE exam under the guidance of Ms. Ambika Sharma in less than a months time. I am so happy that I got... my desired score. She picked out where I am losing marks and helped me with teaching the right tips and strategies. Highly recommended!read more
Swikriti P
Swikriti P
03:14 18 Mar 23
Thanks to Ambika ma’am for providing me her precious time and guidance to achieve my desired score. I’m more than... grateful to her efforts. She was always helpful, supportive and always available for any issues. Greatly recommend more
Navdeep Randhawa
Navdeep Randhawa
10:17 13 Mar 23
Best place I would recommend for Naati preparation. Jaswinder mam is really helpful and she is friendly and humble. She... will take your questions and will solve them instant. She will help you practice a lot in the class and gives chance to all the students in the class for the participation. Thank you so much ♥️read more
Puneet Dhingra
Puneet Dhingra
09:16 18 Feb 23
I have learned so much in my PTE classes with Englishwise."HIMZY/HIMNEET" is an excellent tutor.Himzy's method of... teaching is so wonderful & refreshing.I want to thank Englishwise & Shivi as well, EW arranged online, one to one pte classes in just one call. It was all easy n hassle free.As i had only 10 days to prepare for my exam so HIMZY broke down the pte learning material according to that. She was always patient and eager to help.& Finally, in just 6-7 one-to-one classes, I learned the methods, tips & tricks from Himzy to crack PTE exam, and i scored more than 80 in each module.I'm thrilled to have found more
Mohit Ahuja
Mohit Ahuja
22:29 17 Feb 23
English wise has been phenomenal with their course material and services. Special shout-out to the PTE and Jaswinder... from the NAATI team for providing the calibre of coaching that allowed me to clear the exams in one attempt! Definitely recommend these guys ????????read more
Harsh patel
Harsh patel
10:43 16 Feb 23
My experience with English-wise was so good. I started my coaching 1 on 1 in first week of February and gave my PTE... exam on last week and got my desired score once. I am very thankful to Sakshi mam. She taught me so nicely, help me in rectifying all my mistakes, and directed me in the right direction. Very much thankful from the bottom of my heart. Cheers English-wise team. Keep up the good more
Jayanta Bishwokarma
Jayanta Bishwokarma
05:51 06 Feb 23
I got my desired score at first attempt. Trainer guided me with instant feedback which helps me a lot. I would really... recommend English wise, if you looking for PTE classes.Thank you English wiseread more
05:26 06 Feb 23
I highly recommend English wise to whoever struggle to get their desired score. In my journey I did both in person and... online study mode. First I have to thank Senorita and Sakshi for all their effort to guide me and helped me to clear all my doubts and also given me many tips every time and they encouraged me each and every mock test with patience.During my online feedback class Sohal play a major role, especially on my all mock test feedback classes. Sohal always spot on all the mistakes I had made and corrected them and guided me, and all the staff who works in English wise are very kind and easy approachable.Thank you Duen lobo as well and my another online trainer Satvik. Thank once again for all of you, you people are very great.I got my desired score on my first attempt within two month of my more
Vidhit Narang
Vidhit Narang
02:02 02 Feb 23
Thank you so much English wise team and my tuter Amee mam, specially, i scored my desired score in first attempt !!... Also with my working scedule tuter is very flexible and very proffesional !! Thanks for your templetes and mock tests really work for me !!😊read more
Erleen Kaur
Erleen Kaur
05:20 12 Jan 23
My experience with English-wise was so good. I started my coaching in 1 week of December and gave my PTE exam today and... got my desired score once. I am very thankful to Miss Mannvinder. She taught me so nicely, help me in rectifying all my mistakes, and directed me in the right direction. Very much thankful from the bottom of my heart. Cheers English-wise team. Keep up the good more
aruna mudiyanselage
aruna mudiyanselage
07:46 04 Jan 23
Thank you so much English wise team and my tuter Himnet, specially , i scored my desired score in first attempt !! Also... with my working scedule tuter is very flexible and very proffesional !! Thanks for your templetes and mock tests really work for me !!read more
kamal sandhu
kamal sandhu
06:02 22 Dec 22
Thank you Jaswinder mam for boosting confidence and for being friendly in teaching naati Punjabi. Today I passed my... naati exam. Thanks to Englishwise for providing such a good more
Madhavi Bhusal
Madhavi Bhusal
06:30 29 Oct 22
This is the scam!!!! First they will say it’s on offer and forced you to pay and take class whenever you want to, due... to lockdown i could not do face to face and I didn’t wanted to take online and I asked them for refund but they denied and they blocked from Facebook and it’s been already more than 1 year they took my $495. They told me to find someone and refer but I don’t have anyone and how can I refer to someone where I’m suffering Already.Stop doing fake marketing and stop taking money from innocent students, I had to work so hard to make $495 and this people took it away😢😢😢. SHAME ON YOU HARKIRAT KAUR🤬😡😡read more
Hairong Liu
Hairong Liu
04:50 16 Jul 22
Thank you so much.Englishwise helped me pass my PTE exam. I tried three times, but could not get 65, then I choose a... one on one course, just for one week and I pasted my exam with a good score of 72, so surprised!Ambika is a very good teacher, she helped me a lot, her tips were very useful. She encouraged me and built my confidence. I Highly recommend this more
Caner Unal
Caner Unal
04:23 14 Jul 22
I strongly recommend Englishwise for PTE exams. I passed on the first attempt. Staff was really helpful during the... registration process. I had one on one lessons from Ambika and she was really helpful. She guided and trained me very well so I passed on the first attempt. Thanks very much Ambika and Englishwise!!read more
Nancy Verma
Nancy Verma
09:57 20 Jun 22
Thank you Englishwise for the amazing guidance that you provided me during my course. The staff was very cooperative... and helpful and gave personal feedback on my performances which helped me a lot to get the desired scores. I highly recommend to join Englishwise if anyone wants to get the desired scores.Thank more
Veronica johanna garcia lozada
Veronica johanna garcia lozada
03:08 14 May 22
I paid for one month 250 dollars, I had an emergency with my family, I sent and email request my course cancellation,... they refused. I check the prices and for 250 dollar you have 6 months for use the platform, I ask to them because I paid 250 just for one month. I used the platform, I tried to be in class and I was connected with many people and waiting for the teacher more than 15 min. I didn’t get any class with teacher! Any class!! Any feedback …They send me an email and they told me I can access for 6 months to the platform because I paid 250 after one month the close the platform I asked them and they said it was the deal. I wasted money and time and I had an terrible experience and stressful. I could paid this money in a better place o paying my test.Please don’t get agreement with this people!!!Don’t waste your money and time. Awful experience!read more
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