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PTE Listening: Highlight Correct Summary

The purpose of the highlight correct summary task within the Listening section of the PTE is to test your ability to understand and analyse information from a lecture and select the most appropriate summary.

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Under the Listening section of the PTE Academic paper, Highlight Correct Summary is the fourth part. A computerised recording will be played on the assigned computer screen of your PTE test centre which you will be able to listen clearly on your respective headphones with adjustable volume. All you will have to do is to listen to the spoken paragraph, analyse it, evaluate it and then, out of the given options, choose the summary from the available options that summarises the audio clip the best.

Instructions To Complete The PTE Listening

  • Focus on listening to the entire audio clip.
  • Read the available summary options shown to you on your screen.
  • You must click the left button on your mouse to select the desired answer which must be the most suitable summary based on the audio clip.
  • You may re-select or deselect your answer if you change your mind after selecting but before submitting using the same left click.
  • The selected option gets highlighted in the colour Yellow.
  • Click submit to finish the sub-section.

Things To Keep In Mind For The PTE Listening

  • The prompt starts automatically which ranges between 30 to 90 seconds in length.
  • Stay focused while listening to the summary so you can listen to the recording just once – make sure you don’t get distracted!
  • Only one out the several given options is totally correct.
  • An incorrect response or blank response shall neither earn you any credit nor lose any.  So make sure you select an answer if you are unsure!
  • Make sure your selected summary contains the intended message of the speaker.

Tips When Taking The PTE Listening

  • Do make use of the erasable whiteboard made available to you at your PTE test centre.
  • Make notes on it while you listen to avoid distraction and then read the provided summary options.
  • Try matching the main ideas down in your notes on the whiteboard to the details provided in each summary listed for you.
  • The closest summary should match the main ideas from your notes.
  • If you are unsure about your answer then just click Next to save time for the rest.
  • Remember, you are being testing for your ability to comprehend text, so make sure you focus and listen!  You can improve upon your listening skills specifically by practising.

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