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PTE Listening: Highlight Incorrect Words

The purpose of this section of the PTE exam is to assess your listening and reading skills, which requires a process of elimination and systematic approach to identifying incorrect words in a sentence.

About The PTE Listening: Highlight Incorrect Words Section

A major part of the Listening section of the PTE is the Highlight Incorrect Word section. A sentence or paragraph ranging from 15 seconds to 50 seconds in time will be played through your headphones and a transcription (written version) of the same audio recording will be displayed on your screen. The purpose of the Highlight Incorrect Words section is to highlight the words from the transcription that do not match the spoken version.

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Instructions To Complete The PTE Listening: Highlight Incorrect Words Section Of The Exam

  • Before the beginning of the computerised recording, utilise your limited time to skim through the transcription. This will help you to quickly notice the main ideas of the paragraph.
  • After picking the words that seem to be the most important, listen to the audio clip patiently with focus.
  • While focusing on listening to the audio, make sure you keep reading the written text of the same audio on your screen.
  • You must click the left button on your mouse to select the words which are wrong according to you.
  • You may re-select or deselect another option directly if you change your mind after selecting but before submitting using the same left click.
  • The selected option gets highlighted in the colour Yellow.
  • Check your answers and click submit to finish the sub-section.

Things To Keep In Mind For The PTE Listening: Highlight Incorrect Words Section

  • Stay focused while listening and reading simultaneously as if you lose track in the middle, you will end up wasting a lot of time and effort which will affect your overall scoring and time management.
  • Listen very carefully. Do not waste time and get distracted by taking down notes.
  • Listen to each word the speaker says and match it to the transcript by making the cursor simultaneously follow the written text.

How Is The PTE Listening: Highlight Incorrect Words Section Of The Exam Scored?

  • If the selected answers are different in both the texts then you can earn the maximum score points for this type of questions.
  • If one or more of the selected words are incorrect, then partial credit scoring will be applied.
  • There is negative marking for every wrong answer.

Tips When Taking The PTE Listening: Highlight Incorrect Words Section Of The Exam:

  • Do not listen to comprehend the speaker’s message.  You should only concern yourself with matching the spoken words to the written words.
  • Grammatical words are never the problem.
  • Incorrect words are not always evenly placed.
  • Incorrect words may even vary in number.

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