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PTE Listening: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

About The PTE Listening: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer Section

The purpose of this section is to assess your ability to understand academic vocabulary, follow a sequence of information, and answer questions based on that information. The Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer section falls under the Listening assessment in the Pearson Test of English (Academic) examination.

Based on the recording of an academic text, the PTE exam taker will have to select more than one suitable response to the question being shown on the screen.

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How To Attempt The PTE Listening: Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Section?

  • The computerized audio prompt provided to you in this section is around 40-90 seconds long.
  • Listen to the audio prompt very carefully.
  • Make sure not to spend too long answering the question.  Manage your time well!
  • Approach it calmly.
  • Out of the multiple answers listed in front of you, choose the single or the most suitable list (multiple) of answers.
  • Use the left-click of your mouse to select the checkboxes against the correct answers and it will immediately turn to a yellow colour. You may deselect an answer by clicking it again.
  • The best way to approach this section is by focusing on the details.
    Making a list of the key details, like names of places, people or things, will help you quickly determine the answers.
    This trick will help you focus on a certain set of answers quickly and will end up saving a lot of time.
  • Check your answer and click Submit/Next.

Things To Keep In Mind For The PTE Listening: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer Section

  • You may read the questions before listening to the audio.  This will get you thinking while listening for the details you will likely need to find the correct answers.
  • Partial scoring applies to incorrect responses.
  • If there are 3 correct answers, and you select one incorrect, and one correct answer, you will get 33% of the available points.
  • If there are 3 correct answers, and you chose 2 correct answers and 1 incorrect answer, you will get 66% of the available points.
  • If you choose all 3 correct answers, you get all the available points!
  • Do not just choose all the answers!
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate the question and each of the possible answers well before selecting.
  • Listen to the computerised audio very carefully and calmly so that you don’t face problems in understanding the accent being used.
  • Look for words and phrases that are repeated in the question being asked. Chances are that the correct answers will be focused around that word, phrase or something closely related to it.
  • Your criteria for choosing your answers should be meaningful.  They should not just be a copy of what you have heard. Look for answers which might have a similar or the same meaning to what you have heard.

Our Tip When Taking The PTE Listening: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer Section Of The Exam

If you don’t know the answer, press any answer, preferably option “C” and click the next button below as soon as possible so you are not spending more time on a question you know you are probably not going to get correct.

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