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PTE Mock Exam

PTE Academic is the English test you can use to prove your English ability as part of all Australian visa applications. This PTE test is available in Sydney and other Australian cities as well and is accepted by all Australian universities, as well as by professional associations and state government departments.

PTE is a computer-based English language test that non-native English speakers must pass if they want to study or live permanently in Australia. It tests Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. PTE questions often test 2 skills, such as listening and reading, or reading and speaking together. The entire test is done in a single 3-hour session at an official centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

PTE is a computer-based exam. Tips & Strategies are particularly important for PTE exam alongside with constant practice on the PTE real exam simulation software.

Every PTE exam taker will need to get familiarised with the PTE test format. A mock exam serves as great practice for the real thing. Sitting for a PTE Mock Exam involves a three-hour long computer based exam which is setup exactly like the actual PTE exam.

  • You may change your approach to preparing for the PTE if you know where you are doing well and where you are not doing well in. This will help you manage your preparation time better.
  • It will help you practise your time management skills through the test.
  • This will increase your confidence with how the test is formatted.
  • Complete a mock test to know how well you have prepared. Also, you will receive proper feedback and a brand new expert approach if required.
  • Follow Phase 3 of the tracker being used for tracking the Mock test duration of 3 intensive hours.
  • Take your mock test seriously as if it was the real thing.
  • Keep practising repeatedly until your desired score is achieved consistently.
  • Go sit the actual exam.
  • Take the Mock test being conducted at regular intervals in our classrooms – Find out when the next mock test is happening here.
  • Make use of the coursebooks made available to you, and you may choose any specific kind of questions you wish to practice for. Studying at home helps too!

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