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PTE Sample Questions

Is your PTE exam approaching? Are you nervous that you won’t perform as well are your hoping?

Don’t worry. Luckily, you have found EnglishWise, a leading academic coaching institute. We are here to provide you with the coaching and teaching necessary to achieve the academic results you wish to attain. PTE Academic is one of the most reputable and tough English language tests across the globe. It requires a large amount of revision and preparation.

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PTE Academic questions are formatted in a way that requires each candidate to draw upon a combination of reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. In order to do well, every PTE Academic student will have to get used to the kind of questions being asked in the exam. At EnglishWise, we have created a large number of sample questions. These sample questions become a very important part of any students preparation for the PTE exam.

EnglishWise offers a range of both online and offline (classroom or printed) sample questions that we make available to our students. There is a range of preparation books available in the market too. Practice makes perfect!

Offline PTE Sample Questions

  • Take the Mock test being conducted at regular intervals in our classrooms – Find out when the next mock test is happening here.
  • Make use of the coursebooks made available to you, and you may choose any specific kind of questions you wish to practice for. Studying at home helps too!
  • Get personalised help if needed from our test preparation course. There are shorter and longer study course or class options available. We also provide intensive weekly courses and monthly courses. We recommend these intense courses if you are serious about succeeding in PTE Academic.

Online PTE Sample Questions

We will provide you links to our online sample questions and tests for you as part of our PTE preparation course. With an objective of enhancing your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, EnglishWise sample questions are designed to test your understanding of the English language.

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The Reading part comes with a skill test of your Reading ability. This will take about 32-41 minutes of the entire paper and is often given preference after the first section. Re-ordering, multiple choice questions and filling in the blanks are some of the several question types used in this section which test your response to the varied usage of the English language.

The Reading section of the PTE is broken down into 5 sub-sections:

  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
  • Re-ordering of paragraphs
  • Fill in the blanks: Reading
  • Fill in the blanks: Reading and Writing


Primarily based on video and audio clips, the third section lasts for about 45 to 57 minutes on an average. In this section, you will have to listen to the audio/visual recording and respond to a number of different question types.

The types of questions asked are:

  • Summarising the spoken text
  • Multiple choice questions (choose multiple)
  • Multiple choice questions (choose single)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Highlight correct summary
  • Select the missing word
  • Highlight all incorrect words
  • Write the dictated words

Pro tip: This section requires you to have strong and effective communication skills, such as active listening. It is important you pay attention throughout the duration of audio and video clips.

The Examination Process

First and foremost, you will need to find your nearest PTE (Pearson Test) centre. We help our students find the nearest PTE center and get them booked in. With the help of a headset you will listen to the questions provided by the computer, and then you will have to read and respond to the question. The duration of the exam is 3 hours. You will have to listen to excerpts from real-life scenarios and look at various charts and graphs to analyse and respond to.

You will also have to listen to a range of English accents used in daily life. Doing this will help you in building up your confidence and understanding of the English language. Hopefully, this has given you a broad idea of the PTE Academic exam and what is within it. If you want to achieve the highest possible marks on your PTE exam, enrol in our PTE Preparation Course. As an informed EnglishWise student, you will have an upper hand over the others.

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