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Re-Tell Lectures

Under the Listening and Speaking section comes the highly prioritised Re-tell Lecture sub-section. PTE Academic aspirant gets a total of 40 seconds to watch a lecture or just listen to it on their respective computer screen and then re-tell the same lecture in his/her own words.

Before discussing the tips and hacks needed in this section, you must remember that you have to start speaking only after the recording begins with the rogress Bar and you will have to strictly finish before it finishes and the word ‘Recording’ changes to ‘Completed’. If any of the two warnings are not followed, then, unfortunately, your speaking shall not be recorded. And another major thing that you will have to keep in mind while appearing for the Retell Lecture section is that you cannot stay silent for more than 3 seconds while recording as then the computer will automatically stop the recording which will further affect your overall time management and score as well. Kindly remember that no credit is given for wrong response or no response.

Initial Strategies To Be Followed

  • Start within the first 3 seconds of your recording time.
  • Make good use of the initial 10 seconds before the recording begins.
  • Follow a medium pace while speaking which must be loud and clear. Take care that you don’t go too slow else you will run out of time.
  • Significant words in any and every sentence of the lecture that carry the essence of the overall lecture must be stressed over a little while speaking.
  • While speaking you must take good care of the punctuations used which can prove of ultimate benefit for you as it helps you break the sentence even when fast and fluent while speaking it aloud.
  • Make full use of the erasable board while you listen to the lecture.
  • Keep speaking without hesitation even after you make a mistake.

Pro Tips

Include a minimum of 30 words from the lecture in your re-telling.
While preparing notes, try to write as less as 3 words/line so that you do not get confused when you begin to record.
Try to provide a response for at least 30 seconds of the given time.
If the recording is short and you are unable to grab enough words, make use of any table, graph or picture given along with it or repeat the words in order.
Utilise the image presented before you right before the recording of the lecture begins as it will help you assume a little about what the lecture will be about and you can prepare yourself a little accordingly and you won’t be caught off guard as the audio begins.

Parameters Of Scoring

Even during casual conversations, one keeps these three factors in mind which the PTE in the Re-tell Lectures section tests you on. The parameters are:

  • Pronunciation
    This includes the basic pronunciation of the words used during the section which marks how accurate the aspirant is with the English language as per the closeness to the native accent and also the understandability of the non-native English pronunciations.
  • Sentence formation
    The sentences must be well completed without the inclusion of any unnecessary or wrong word or the omission of the required article or word mentioned in the written text. Either of the two shall get you negatively marked.
  • Fluency
    The smoothness and fluency in your oral speaking is a must when your Speaking is tested in your English language test like PTE Academic. Hesitation, repetition, break in the flow, or diversion from the natural rate of speech can affect your score too.


Take note of 30 words and say it in the following format:
” The lecture was about —————–
The Speaker also talks about————-
The Speaker also talks about————-
The Speaker also talks about————-
The Speaker also talks about————-
The Speaker also talks about————-
The Speaker also talks about————-
Overall, the lecture was quite informative. “

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