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Read Aloud

As the name of the section clearly suggests, Read Aloud broadly includes reading the written text aloud. In your PTE test centre during your test session, the written text of about 60 words flashes on your computer screen which you will have to read aloud in the microphone provided by the centre. This section falls under the Reading and Speaking section of your PTE Academic test which judges you on your reading and speaking skills which form an important part of your overall PTE Academic score.

Once the Read Aloud section begins, you will get good 30-40 seconds once the passage appears on your screen in order to go through it quickly once. A little sound would be heard as soon as the recording begins and you will have to start reading the text aloud. Before discussing the tips and hacks needed in this section, you must remember that you have to start speaking only after the recording begins with the Progress Bar and you will have to strictly finish before it finishes and the word ‘Recording’ changes to ‘Completed’. If any of the two warnings are not followed, then, unfortunately, your speaking shall not be recorded. And another major thing that you will have to keep in mind while appearing for the Read Aloud section is that you cannot stay silent for more than 3 seconds while recording as then the computer will automatically stop the recording which will further affect your overall time management and score as well.

Initial Strategies To Be Followed

  • You must read aloud even during the preparation time provided to you before the beginning of the recording.
  • Start within the first 3 seconds of your recording time.
  • Follow a medium pace while speaking which must be loud and clear. Take care that you don’t go too slow else you will run out of time.
  • Significant words in any and every sentence that carries the essence of the sentence or the paragraph, on the whole, must be stressed over a little while speaking.
  • While speaking you must take good care of the punctuations used which can prove of ultimate benefit for you as it helps you break the sentence even when fast and fluent while speaking it aloud.

Parameters Of Scoring

Even during casual conversations, one keeps these three factors in mind which the PTE in the Read Aloud section tests you on. The parameters are:

  • Pronunciation
    This includes the basic pronunciation of the words used during the section which marks how accurate the aspirant is with the English language as per the closeness to the native accent and also the understandability of the non-native English pronunciations.
  • Sentence formation
    The sentences must be well completed without the inclusion of any unnecessary or wrong word or the omission of the required article or word mentioned in the written text. Either of the two shall get you negatively marked.
  • Fluency
    The smoothness and fluency in your oral speaking is a must when your Speaking is tested in your English language test like PTE Academic. Hesitation, repetition, break in the flow, or diversion from the natural rate of speech can affect your score too.


  • Replace any difficult word that you come across while reading out loud with “something”.
  • Try practising tongue twisters during your preparation for the Speaking section.
  • Try repeating the keywords at least if by any chance you forgot the sentence while reading.
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