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Repeat Sentence

Repeat Sentence sub-section comes right after the Read Aloud sub-section under the Speaking section which tests your Listening and Speaking skills. The PTE Academic aspirant is expected to repeat aloud the sentence after listening to a computerised recording of the same. The aspirant shall get about 15 seconds to answer to a prompt of about 3-9 seconds long. You will have to start repeating word by word what you heard in the recording right after it stops as the recording begins right away without any short tone, unlike the Read Aloud section.

Being a highly prioritised sub-section under the Listening and Speaking section, some strategies must be kept in mind while appearing for it:

  • Since there is no sound heard before the recording starts, you must start repeating the sentence aloud within 3 seconds of completion of the computerised audio to be on the safe side.
  • Try to be as exact as you can as it will help you be sure of the positive marking keeping in mind the basis of the scoring.
  • Follow the Progress Bar until it reads “Completed” and take your time to patiently repeat the sentence heard. You must be careful while both listening and recording as neither can you repeat the computerised audio, not your recording of the same

Understanding The Sentence

  • Notice the stress and emphasis being laid on every word or phrase as denoted by the upward and downward arrows. A mental note of the same can help you pronounce the sentence more meaningfully which shall earn you better marks.
  • Presence of mind is a must while you appear for this section as focusing on the phrases and the meaning is more important than catching the singular words which one may often forget after a point.


If you forget the second half of the written sentence, try making it up by yourself instead of fumbling or stopping midway. It might help you with additional last-minute passing marks.

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