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PTE Guaranteed Course Inclusions

  • The System and Expertise: Being the oldest PTE coaching centre in Australia we have many experienced and renowned mentors who have collaborated to develop full proof PTE training SYSTEM.
  • Classroom discussion: All the tips, tricks and strategies for PTE are discussed in these classes.
  • Structured PTE LAB: Real time practice for PTE. All students get chance to practice all the module and get instant correction by PTE experts. These LABs are always supervised.
  • Online software: Real-time PTE software which simulates all the modules of PTE.
  • Mock Tests: Regular PTE Mock test are conducted in centre which can be given as advised by the trainer.
  • Study Material: All the students get access to exclusive study material which contains real exam and practice questions.
  • Being part of community: Every student gets access to closed Facebook group where all the PTE experts share their experience, real-exam/practice questions. Student can also use it to ask questions and connect to the experts.
  • PTE study plan: There is a personalized study plan given to each student which depends on their level and target. This plan includes the plan of action for each day and is updated dynamically.

Path To Achieve PTE Score


  • STEP 1: Get aware with all the strategies for PTE, at this stage you are encouraged to attend classes only!
  • STEP 2: Once the class tracker is signed. You may start attending LAB sessions.


  • STEP 3: Attend at least one LAB session for each module to understand practical practice.
  • STEP 4: Follow the intensive LAB and study plan.
  • STEP 5: Give sectional test and get feedback on milestones provided.

Mock Test

  • STEP 6: Give a mock test in order to know the level and get proper feedback and new plan!
  • STEP 7: Follow Phase 3 of the tracker.
  • STEP 8: Mock test and Feedback until desired score is achieved.
  • STEP 9: Go for an Exam.

*Note: All students are advised to consult with trainers before booking exam.

PTE Guaranteed Course Eligibility

For 50+ in each: Student must have 42+ in each module.
For 65+ in each: Student must have 50+ in each modules.
For 79+ in each: Student must have 79+ in writing or reading and 65+ in other modules.

*Note: Entry to guaranteed course is a subject to approval from management.

Success Videos

PTE Guaranteed Refund Criteria

  • Student must have tried exam for at least 3 times after the coaching with written approval from Englishwise’s trainer.
  • Students must have followed the tracker (Study plan) as advised by the trainer and should have a copy signed from the trainer.
  • Students must have completed all the home-work or LAB work provided to them in the given time-frame.
  • Students must have attended all the allotted classes or any leave should be approved by the trainer.

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