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  • $0 enrolment fee
  • ALL NAATI CCL preparation materials (100% FREE)
  • Unlimited Coaching and Assistance for 2 months
  • Unlimited Vocabulary to practice
  • Personal and Private Feedback
  • Assistance in booking NAATI CCL Exam

We believe test preparation should be a real education that prepares you not just for test, but for the challenges that you will face as you earn your 5 points and gain further step towards you permanent residency

EnglishWise offers NAATI CCL test preparation in a very structured way. The course is structured using the guideline provided by NAATI and consultation with examiners.

Languages:Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Nepali, Spanish.

We offer two types of coaching options

2 Months Course

  • 2 MONTHS NAATI CCL Coaching
  • NAATI CCL preparation and assessment until you succeed

Membership Course

  • No extra fees until you succeed
  • Unlimited Coaching and Assessments until you succeed
  • *This course is subject to availability

Customised Course

If you are very close to your desired score or your visa is about to expire this course could be the most suitable course for your NAATI CCL success.

Success Stories

Rated 4.8/5 by our past students


What is NAATI CCL Test

  • CCL Test stands for the Credentialed Community Language Test
  • Individuals who pass the CCL Test can claim “5 bonus points” for migration
  • CCL Test is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart and Perth
  • Currently only interpreting exams are available

Format of the NAATI CCL test

  • 2 dialogues, between an English speaker and a LOTE speaker
  • 300 words / each dialogue (half in English & half in LOTE)
  • Dialogue is divided into segments that don’t exceed 35 words each
  • A chime will indicate the end of each segment
  • The testing officer will pause the test recording at each chime.
  • Interpret what is said by each speaker into the other language.
  • The testing officer will restart the recording and play the next segment only when the candidate has finished.
  • The candidate’s responses are recorded for marking.

Application Procedure

  • Lodge online application on NAATI website
  • Confirmation email about eligibility
  • Offer of test date and making payment
  • Confirmation email of test after payment completion
  • Sit for the test
  • Test marking (Up to 8 weeks)
  • Email of test result
  • If unsuccessful, can apply for remark or new test