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Our brand new English Wise centre will help immigrants from all over the world to achieve their work, study, and visa goals on the Gold Coast.

All around the globe people dream of coming to Australia, picturing picture-perfect beaches, and magnificent surfing waves. The iconic Gold Coast provides all of this and more, making it a popular destination for travellers and international students to visit, and in many cases settle. Out new English Wise centre will be extremely beneficial to these people.

EnglishWise Gold Coast

The breathtaking scenery and pleasant subtropical climate of the Gold Coast make it a delightful place to live. It provides a wonderful combination of city living and beach life that many visitors crave, whilst generally being more affordable than Australia’s larger cities.

It’s no surprise that Australians as well as visitors from all over the world have flocked to the Gold Coast and made it their home, creating an exciting multicultural environment. Furthermore, the Gold Coast is home to several world-class universities, making it a fantastic place to study. The city also provides a wealth of career opportunities.

This is why we decided to open an English Wise centre on the Gold Coast.

Why Study English On The Gold Coast?

In a thriving city like the Gold Coast, career opportunities are plenty, yet there is also a thriving social scene. Studying English on the Gold Coast will help you to greatly improve both your career and your social skills, allowing you to really make the most of living in this beautiful corner of the world.

The Gold Coast is regarded as one of Australia’s best student cities, as a result of its magnificent universities, affordable study and living costs, and the desirable lifestyle that the city offers. International students flock here every year, and it’s clear to see why.

However, in order to chase your study goals on the Gold Coast, you may need to pass an English test. That’s where we come in. In addition, the Gold Coast is rife with career opportunities, and improving your English skills will help you to make the most of it.

The Gold Coast was recently reclassified as a regional area for migration purposes, in a bid to attract more migrants and students to the area. This means that it is now easier to gain sponsorship and permanent residency here. Once again, a high mark on an English test may be a necessity for this.

Preparing For The PTE With English Wise Gold Coast

PTE is the Pearson test of English. It provides an opportunity for you to prove your English language skills and abilities in order to apply for Australian visas and universities, and may be required in order to apply for some jobs.

English Wise have helped close to 20,000 students across Australia, from a range of different countries and backgrounds, to prepare for the PTE. The goal of our Gold Coast English Wise centre is to use our knowledge and experience to help even more students to gain the best possible score on the PTE.

We can help you with every aspect of preparing to take the PTE, from studying to how to sign up.

Studying With English Wise On The Gold Coast

With the Gold Coast rapidly increasing in popularity amongst migrants and international students, it is the perfect location for our latest English Wise centre. It is expected that more people than ever will be chasing their study and visa goals here and we can help.

Our expertise and experience will help you to achieve the highest score possible on your English test so that you can pursue the life that you dream of on the Gold Coast.

To learn more about studying English with English Wise Gold Coast, get in touch with us today.

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