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PTE Listening: Select Missing Words

The Listening: Select Missing Words section of the Pearson Test of English (Academic) is a test section that evaluates exam takers in both listening and reading skills. Most importantly, this section requires each exam taker to present effective active listening skills.

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Select Missing Word is the sixth part under the Listening section of the PTE Academic paper which generally comes last in terms of priority. You will have to listen carefully to a computerized recording being provided on your computer screen at the PTE test centre. The audio prompt will range from about 20 to 70 seconds in length.

The ending word or a group of them will be replaced in your recording by a beep. All you will have to do is be attentive and try to remember and write down the last sentence you hear every time.

You will not be able to listen to the recording again, so pay attention to the audio recording the first time. Make use of the erasable board. And then go on to select the most appropriate word from the options and you will be good to go for this part of the section and you will easily be able to crack it.

Strategy To Crack The PTE Listening: Select Missing Words Section

  • Utilise the time given before the recording begins. Skim through the possible options available to you.
  • Listen very carefully without any sort of distraction in mind to be able to crack each sentence on the first attempt.
  • You may take down notes of anything worth remembering or something which sounds difficult which might assist you while responding as you will be more confident in your answer with a backup and will be able to better remember the important parts of the audio recording.
  • Try to remember the last part of the sentence every time and write it down to avoid the risk of forgetting.
  • While answering, you will have to pay attention to the speech used in the spoken text in order to choose the correct response.
    Remember that what you choose as your final answer must not alter the message intended by the speaker.
  • Make sure your selected answer converts to yellow colour so that you can ensure that your response is submitted and accepted.
  • Try applying the trial and error method for choosing the right answer. Simply put each given option at the end of the last sentence of the speech that you memorised and wrote down on your erasable board.
  • Remember that the answer you choose must compliment the context of the grammar used in the sentence.
  • Check your answers carefully and click submit.

Before Clicking Next/Submit:

  • Be very sure of your answer before finally submitting it as you cannot edit it once submitted.
  • Ensure that your selected answer is highlighted in yellow.
  • If you are not sure about your answer you can always deselect it by clicking on it again but before submitting. You can then click another most suitable option out of the 3-5 options listed on your computer screen.
  • There is no negative marking so make sure you select at least one option if you are unsure of the answer.  Do not leave it blank in any case. You always have a hope of your guess is correct!

Our Tip When Taking The PTE Listening: Select Missing Words Section Of The Exam

If you are unsure about your response, just submit your most preferred response and move on to the next question to save time for the rest.

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