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PTE Listening: Write From Dictation

The Write From Dictation is the eighth and the last part of the Listening section of the PTE Academic paper. The Listening: Write From Dictation is a Pearson Test of English (Academic) test section that evaluates exam takers in both listening and writing skills. Most importantly, this section requires each candidate to present effective active listening and retention skills.

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Short prompts of about 3-5 seconds are given which test you on your Listening and Writing skills. All you have to do is listen to a computerized recording of a sentence being played over your headphones. After listening to the sentence you will have to re-write that exact sentence down with the help of the keyboard in the text box showing on your screen. You may use the help of the erasable whiteboard provided to you at the centre. Practice writing well in advance.

Strategy To Crack The PTE Listening: Write From Dictation Section

  • Calm yourself down before the recording starts.
  • Concentrate all your attention towards the audio recording and be oblivious of everything else around you.
  • Make a habit of listing down the first letter of each word you listen directly on your erasable board. When you have the first letter of each word written on the board, completing the sentence will become effectively easier.
  • Do not forget to proofread your response.  Check the grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalisation. This last-minute final editing is the most important strategy to be followed. Consider this as your golden rule.
  • Check your final answers and submit.

You will be scoring points for each correct word that you choose and write in the response box.

In some cases due to the pressure of time or simply anxiety, or maybe a little distraction you might not be able to remember all the words. If you are unsure of the position of the words in the sentence, remember your understanding of English grammar. It should make the sentence much clearer to you.


For example, the words that you are able to remember are ‘girl’ and ‘basket’. Now using your common sense, the basket can definitely not carry the girl. So instead of leaving the text box blank, write down “the girl carries the basket.”

This explains that there is no hard and fast rule for this section. Just read it aloud and you will be able to catch the entire section which your brain must have recorded subconsciously. Just believe yourself and go for it confidently. Don’t stress out too much.

Our Tip When Taking The PTE Listening: Write From Dictation Section Of The Exam

  • Practice about 50 dictations every day.
  • Practice at 1.5 speed which will build up your confidence.
  • To remember the entire sentence practice writing it in short, like the initials or shorthand if you have its knowledge. Practice it directly while listening or even just after the recording ends.

As mentioned before, go with the strategy that is convenient for you. There is absolutely no hard and fast rule. What works for others might not work that well for you and vice versa. All the best!

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