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PTE Preparation

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The EnglishWise Preparation Course:

We provide courses and classes where you get access to PTE practice tests, sample responses, different test formats, audio files and prompts, available both offline in our classrooms or as printable documents and online platforms.

Interested in coaching and assistance with your preparation for the PTE?  Give us a call on 02 8628 7293, fill out our contact form or come into one of our offices!

PTE examinations can be daunting, however, if you practise well through taking regular tests based on the official PTE Academic test format, then you are likely going to get your desired score. Our professional preparation courses for PTE exam takers which range from week-long courses to 6 months long courses. Our guidance will help you to keep up with the regular updates in the PTE exam formats and types of questions.

We will provide you an entire preparation schedule, which can be a tough and distracting task for someone who is not familiar with the self-learning concept or someone who is usually keeping very busy with other priorities in life. Most PTE exam takers find the outside help through institutes like EnglishWise incredibly helpful in achieving a good score. Official coursebooks and official guides are available to help you approach the PTE Academic exam.

PTE Preparation FAQ’s:

How can I best prepare for PTE?

At EnglishWise, we understand you have other commitments outside studying for PTE, whether it be academic assignments or work. So how can you best utilise your time to study for PTE, and still maintain work-life balance?

We have strived to deliver excellence, ranging from coaching, practice tests to materials, and a completely personalised PTE course.

What about on the day of the test?

Familiarise yourself with PTE rules and regulations. The guidelines and procedures must be understood well in order to be followed efficiently. Be ready with the copies of your acceptable ID card and for your digital photograph. Be at the centre at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning time. By following these procedures and tips well, you will arrive at the PTE testing centre early, with time to prepare and focus yourself to help you smash your PTE Academic score!

With EnglishWise, you can learn to avoid falling into common traps that can potentially lower your PTE score. If you are planning to take the academic test, it is essential you prepare. Preparation is the first step towards academic success. We have a complete test preparation system which improve our students learning with effective learning techniques.

Let us help you prepare for the PTE exam!  Give us a call on 02 8628 7293, fill out our contact form or come into one of our offices to find out more about our classes and exam preparation programs!