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Multiple Choice Single Answers

What Is Multiple Choice Single Answer Section?

The Multiple choice Single answer section falls under the Reading assessment in the PTE Academic examination. Based on the kind of question being asked, the PTE aspirant will have to select a single response that suits best with the question being put up on the screen. As the name of the section suggests, the questions have to be answered in a single answer which has to be chosen out of the multiple options available at your end.

What Is Multiple Choice Single Answer Section?

  • The prompt provided to you in this section comprises of about 300 words. Read the given prompt very carefully and with right time management and approach it calmly. Out of the multiple answers listed in front of you, choose the correct or the most suitable answer.
  • Use the left-click of your mouse to select the tick box against the right answer and it will immediately turn to yellow colour. You may change your answer again by clicking on another answer or by re-clicking on the same and clicking over a new one.
  • The best practice to approach this section is by focusing on the primary keywords which you can easily track by getting a quick scan of the given comprehensive. This trick will help you focus on the cream answers quickly and will end up saving a lot of time.

Things To Be Kept In Mind

  • You may read the questions before reading the comprehension as it helps you keep the required details in the back of your mind which lets you eliminate the extra information of the prompt.
  • A wrong answer or no answer will earn you no credit.
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate the given prompt well in order to fetch scores under your Reading section.
  • Approach the comprehension very carefully and calmly.
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