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Reading & Writing Fill In The Blanks

Fill In The Blanks

Another important sub-section that comes under the Reading section is Fill in the Blanks. The PTE Academic aspirant will be given a set of a variety of words in a box on the computer screen. One or multiple blanks of the provided respective questions must be filled by dragging these words over. The given prompt is of about 80 words. If done perfectly, you can earn maximum points under this section.

How To Approach This Sub-Section?

  • You can select a word with a lot of the mouse. Keep holding it and drag the selected word to the preferred gap where you wish to place it. Drag the word back to the blue box in order to remove it from the back from the gap.
  • More words than the gap are provided in a blue box to confuse you. Be careful while you choose them.

Strategies To Be Followed

Presence Of Mind

This a must when it comes to the Fill in the Blanks section. Just a quick read with a flow can help you easily crack the right answer. All you need to do is stay calm.

Use Grammar

The application of correct grammar in the form of speech or the possible combinations of words with articles can help you crack this section quite quickly. A missing part of speech or tense can easily be spotted within a sentence or paragraph. Grammar can also provide with hints regarding verbs and adjectives which quite possibly can fill the given blanks very efficiently. An example can be that “The boys are ‘playing’ in the field.” With the Present Continuous Tense Playing will be your obvious choice as it includes a verb with ‘ing’ when combined with is/am/are.

An Eye For General Phrases

There are several general phrases or idioms that people come across in daily life. This clicks the missing word instantly without wasting any time. An example can be, “You can’t have your cake and ‘eat’ it too.” You can easily spot the missing eat in the first read itself.

Pro Tips

In most of the cases, the missing words are often listed as synonyms in the passage. While finding the correct answer try to paraphrase the passage. This will help you to answer the questions with a higher speed.

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