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PTE Speaking & Writing: Summarise Written Text

Writing to the point in fewer words is a very significant parameter in judging one’s command over any language. Summarise written text sub-section tests the same and comes with a high priority tag on itself. It falls under the Reading and Writing section where you are given a written prompt of about 300 words on your computer screen at the PTE test centre. All you will have to do is to read it carefully, analyse it, evaluate it and then type a sentence long crisp and short summary of the entire text you just read. You will get 10 minutes to answer.

How To Appear For This Section?

  • Speak the word(s) clearly and slowly in order to be extremely sure of your answer being rightly recorded.
  • Start speaking as the progress bar on your screen flashes “Recording”. As unlike the Read Aloud section, there is no beep or tone heard before recording begins.
  • Finish speaking positively before the “Recording” turn to “Completed” to ensure that your answer has been recorded.
  • Be very calm while appearing for this section as it seems to be the easiest but its score will equally affect your overall grade.

Some expert tips to crack this section in a go:

  • Use only a single full stop at the end of the summarising sentence.
  • Do capitalize the first word’s alphabet of each new sentence and also the nouns.
  • In no case use more than 75 words for your answer. (The scale must be strictly 5-75 words)
  • Be specific of your spellings, grammar and plurals used in your answer. Make it as accurate as possible.
  • Try to summarise the entire text without leaving the main idea out.
  • Use “Cut”, “Copy” and “Paste” commands to save time while picking up sentences from the text.

Manage your time extremely well in the following manner:

  • 3 minutes must be kept for Planning out your approach
  • 5 minutes must be given to writing
  • the last 2 minutes must be kept for proofreading your answers for common mistakes such as spelling, grammar, or even your typing.

Main Parameters for a Perfect Answer.

  • Choice of words
    Ideas matter a lot in your answer. Be very sure that you are picking up the right topic from the passage as your marks are based on this. It is very important to cover the main idea of the text in your summary otherwise you will be marked zero.
  • Format
    Format equally matters. Capitalise the first alphabet of the sentence and end it with a full stop. It must be strictly within 75 words. These pointers matter if you want a perfect score.
  • To the point
    Crisp, to the point vocabulary, is a must. Be as specific and accurate as possible. Learn to say more in fewer words. This will earn you a much better score. Do not stretch the summarising sentence as its name suggests it is supposed to be concentrated.
  • Grammatical accuracy
    Be very particular about your grammar. English efficiency can never be judged without your knowledge of grammar. Consider it as a much obvious requirement of your PTE Exam score. Get the basic structure of the sentence right with the correct subject, object and respective clauses.


Try to use the two sentences introducing and concluding the main idea first. Then you may consider writing Complex or Compound sentences using the important sentences from the body of the text and joining them using the connectors such as “and” / “but”.

The above is an amalgamation of all the important pointers required to crack the Summarise Written Text sub-section. Follow these and you are good to go and claim your PTE score.

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