IELTS Results
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Once you finish your exam, your IELTS results will be available to you in 13 days. You will get a copy of your IELTS test results, and you may get two copies if you are in the process of applying to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You’re able to pick up your IELTS score yourself, or you can contact your testing centre and have them post it.

Viewing Your IELTS Results Online

You can view your IELTS score online for up to 28 days after they post at the 13-day post-test mark. However, you shouldn’t use these results as an official confirmation of your score. You need the hard copy for this. Your testing centre will give you a link that’ll take you directly to your results, or you can view them through one of the following sites: 


In order to view your results, you’ll have to show your ID number or passport. This is the same number you had to use when you first registered for your IELTS exam. You’ll also need your candidate ID number. Your test centre can help you if you have any issues or questions.

Sending Your IELTS Results to Your Nominated Organisations

When you originally book your IELTS exam, you’ll have the choice of nominating up to five organisations that will receive your IELTS test results. It’s completely free for you to nominate these entities. If you want to send your results to more than five organisations, you’ll have to pay a small administration fee to do so.

If the centre where you had your IELTS test closed, you can fill out the Application for additional TRFs (from closed centres) form for up to two years after you take your initial IELTS exam.

Add Your IELTS Band Score to Relevant Websites

Adding your IELTS band on LinkedIn is a good indicator of your language skills. It indicates to your potential employers that you have taken and done well with your IELTS results. Completing your profile on sites like LinkedIn is a great way for potential recruiters to find you. You should also consider adding it to your resume.

Get a Detailed Explanation of Your IELTS Score and Your IELTS Band

When you first log in to check your IELTS results, you’ll be able to see a comprehensive table that breaks down your results and the IELTS band score. Additionally, you’ll also see a small section where you have advice for improving your IELTS results. This area will be visible with your scores for up to 28 days after you take the test. It’s important you look at it so you can continue to improve and master the English language.