PTE Time Management Tips for the Listening Module

Time management is very crucial for cracking the PTE Exam, especially in case of the PTE Listening Module. Since it is completely one’s own choice to decide the amount of time to be spent on each module before clicking ‘NEXT’, hence, it is very important to skillfully manage the time in order to maximize the listening score that will eventually lead to a stellar overall PTE score.

In the Listening module, unlike the ‘reading’ or ‘writing’ tasks, you have no choice to modify your answers or go back to review them because listening happens in real-time! Above all, the PTE Listening part comes right at the end of the PTE Test. By the time you get to that point, you’re already exhausted.  Also, one thing to be highlighted here is that the listening section begins to play audio clips automatically which you can listen to only once. Hence, it is rightly said that the Listening Section demands you to be extremely attentive – which is why it becomes extra important to manage your time as it can eventually make or break your performance!

What all is Included?

Before we start delving into actual time management techniques, let’s first understand the eight tasks under PTE Listening Module, in order to have a brief idea about the whole scenario

  • Summarize the Spoken Text: It involves listening to a recording and framing a 50-70 word summary within 10 minutes.
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers: It includes selecting multiple correct answers from a list of given options after listening to an audio recording.
  • Fill in the Blanks: It involves filling the gaps/blanks in a transcript in the right manner with missing words after listening to its respective audio clip.
  • Highlight Correct Summary: This includes listening to an audio recording and choosing an option which according to you, summarizes the recording in the best manner, from the several possible options.
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer: This involves choosing one right answer for a multiple-choice question after listening to an audio recording.
  • Select Missing Word: This includes the selection of the most appropriate response in order to complete the beeped words in an audio recording.
  • Highlight Incorrect Words: This involves highlighting the errors in a transcript after listening and comparing it with its original audio.
  • Write from Dictation: This includes typing a short sentence accurately after listening to its audio very carefully.


What to Do?

Now that you have got a fair idea about the content of the PTE Exam’s Listening Module, Time Management will not be that difficult for you. 

Also, do keep one thing in mind. TIME MANAGEMENT in the PTE Exam may be different for different people. Most aspirants feel that time management simply means completing tasks at all costs. However, most candidates ignore the fact that performing efficiently is more important rather than merely completing the tasks. So what should you do to go ahead with it? Read the following points carefully:

  1. Prioritize critical tasks: By Critical tasks we mean all the tasks carrying the maximum weightage, i.e., the ones which actively contribute towards getting you a stellar score. Understanding those critical tasks will allow you to decide how & where you can use your time management skills!For instance: The Fill in the Blanks section has a higher priority in comparison to Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers as the latter has less contribution to the score. On the other hand, Fill In The Blanks is easier & helps you to score higher marks even with average English skills.
  2. Be Familiar with the Whole Format: It is very important for the aspirants to familiarize themselves with the format, flow & sequence of the tasks covered in the PTE Listening Module. It really doesn’t matter how great your English is or how comfortable you are with your command of the English Language, if you are not able to convert it into a great score, all skills will turn futile. The more you make yourself familiar with the exam pattern, the less time you will end up wasting in figuring out the right way of doing each task!
    For Instance : The Highlight Incorrect Words task involves negative marking (-1) for each incorrect answer. Now, if you are not aware of this fact, then you can end up making blunder mistakes that will eventually cost you a lot!
  3. Optimize Time: Time Optimization is only possible when you have practised whole heartedly for the Listening Section and are confident about the right strategy to apply for each task to set a great score!For Instance, The Summarize Spoken Text task already gives you the 10-minute timeline, so here, even if you end up completing the task in time, the remaining time won’t be carried forward. Hence, for this specific task, time management is actually not required.

So, with the above article, we hope that you have got a clear picture of Time Management for the Listening Module. Practice in a smart way and don’t end up wasting your time by giving exams again and again!

If you’re looking for expert guidance and a foolproof way to crack the test, get in touch with us.

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