How long is the PTE academic valid?

In general, similar to the IELTS test result, the PTE Academic Score Report is valid up to a period of two years from the examination date and the day on which the results are declared for study purposes and three years for immigration purposes that can potentially lead to permanent residency.

Upon  receiving the PTE Academic Score through a secure online portal, candidates are responsible for authenticating their scores by verifying it through the portal to get a validated score.  Pearson displays the score report as downloadable pdf form for personal uses and “send score” option for other purposes, eg: APHRA or other educational institutions.

For an accurate seal of declaration, the validity of the PTE Academics can be found on the  score report given to the candidates.

Recently, it has been implemented that the candidates for PTE Academics will be able to watch over and assign their scores for up to three years after their examination date.

PTE Exam Validity for Australian PR

Some countries like Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia considered the PTE  Exam as a qualification for international students admission to universities and even permanent residency.

In  the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA), PTE Academic is solely accepted by the government as a proof of English language proficiency for all visa categories and Australia PR. This implies that permanent residency will be granted to the immigrants if they have a validated PTE Academic result.

Specifically, for a candidate to be allowed as a permanent resident in Australia, they need to take PTE Academics not PTE General since they have different patterns in terms of examination flow.

Consequently, with PTE Academics guidelines to follow in Australia, PTE Score Validity is somehow different from PTE Score Validity for Australian PR. What does it mean?

For immigration purposes in Australia, the validity of PTE Academic score can be potentially extended to as long as three years as opposed to the indicated Validity date shown in the PTE Academic score report that it’s validity is good for two years.

An important thing to ponder is that for the PTE Academic score for Australia PR, candidates need to earn and hold a score requirement for this test. In figures, a minimum of 50 or above  should be the score obtained by the candidate as a requirement for a permanent residency in Australia.


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