Marking Criteria For NAATI

The easiest way to get 5 points for your Australia PR application is by cracking the NAATI CCL Test. The CCL takes much lesser efforts in comparison to other English language proficiency tests.

Unfortunately, because of unawareness about the NAATI CCL test, many aspirants miss out on taking the NAATI CCL Test. Compared to the previous Naati translation test, the difficulty of CCL is relatively low. So no one would want to lose these 5 points just because of the lack of understanding of the same.

Through this post, let’s talk about the Marking Criteria of the NAATI CCL Test.

The NAATI CCL test has two conversations. One is English and the other is LOTE or “Language other than English”. The full score for each dialogue is 45, and the total score is 90. In order to clear the test, candidates must score at least 29 in each dialogue, and the total score must reach 63 points.

The result of the CCL test will be displayed as:
Pass: The total score of 63 or above (out of 90)
Marginal fail: The total score is between 55 and 62.5 (out of 90)
Clear fail: The total score is less than 55 (out of 90)

There are three examples here to help you understand the marking criteria.

Example 1:

  • In Dialogue 1, you get 24
  • In Dialogue 2, you get 42
  • Candidates passed Dialogue 2 with a total score of more than 63 (24 + 42 = 66).
  • Therefore, the result is Clear fail because the candidate has not reached 29 in Dialogue 1.

Example 2:

  • In Dialogue 1, you get 29
  • In Dialogue 2, you get 29
  • Candidates passed two dialogues. However, the total passing score is 63 and the candidate’s score is 58 (29 + 29).
  • Therefore, the result is the Marginal fail.

Example 3:

  • In Dialogue 1, you get 32
  • In Dialogue 2, you get 31
  • Here, the examinee passed a personal dialogue. The total score is 63.
  • Therefore, the result is Pass.

Content in the two conversations:
“Conversation” is a term which is used to record the interaction between two people. One is a native English speaker and the other is a native LOTE speaker.

Dialogue is a real scene in Australian social life.

For instance: a conversation between an employee and the officer of the Centrelink Department.

How to prepare for NAATI CCL?

The first step to prepare for NAATI CCL is to choose the correct LOTE. When selecting the right language as LOTE, opt for a language that you can control well. It is best to be your mother tongue.

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All the best folks!

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